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A Smart Choice

The reports are that Ben McAdoo will be the next Head Coach of the Giants. This is smartest choice for the current organization.

That’s because McAdoo has already been the Offensive Coordinator for two years and he has installed an offense that has been very good. Furthermore, Eli is 35. Starting over with a new offense would cost probably half of the productive years he has left.

But the thing is, this move is probably meaningless without a major talent upgrade on both sides of the ball. They need a bunch of linebackers, more defensive line depth, at least one more wide receiver, and more help on the offensive line. They also need to find some depth all over the place.

All of that falls on Jerry Reese. And while the Giants have only had three GM’s in the last 36 years, I don’t think Reese can survive another bad season.


End Of An Era

Tom Coughlin lasted 12 seasons as Giants head coach. How unique is that? Consider the fact that since he was hired, 45 people have coached the other major teams in the area. Here’s a breakdown of those numbers:









(And this means that Joe Girardi now has the longest tenure among NYC coaches.)

Over on ESPN, Dan Graziano has a nice column that reflects how I feel about his move. I can’t believe Jerry Reese isn’t following the coach out of the door. He points out that this is a systemic failure, simply not enough talent being drafted and developed.

The key thing is what happens now? Reese is staying, hopefully with a different approach, but who will be the next coach? I would put two names at the top of the list. The first, and more likely one, is Ben McAdoo. The positives for his candidacy are the fact that he is the Offensive Coordinator and would not require Eli to learn a new offense. He is also considered one of the better young coaches in the league. The knocks against him are no head coaching experience, and while the Giants like to promote former coordinators to Head Coach, the last one who went directly to Head Coach was Ray Handley.

The other name is Sean Payton. Payton is a former assistant and has gone on to become one of the best coaches in the game. His tenure may be over in New Orleans, and if it is, expect the Giants to aggressively pursue him.

And this will be the first Head Coach that Wellington Mara won’t be a part of hiring since the Giants hired Steve Owen in 1931!

If This Is It

Before the season, I predicted the Giants would finish 6-10. I also predicted this would be the end of the Giants’ careers of Coughlin, Reese and JPP. Check mark on the first part, I got the record right. TBD on the rest, but it sounds like this might be it for Tom Coughlin- reports are that he is going to resign tomorrow as Head Coach.

That would be a honorable gesture by a coach who has been nothing but a gentleman in his tenure. But it wouldn’t be enough. Coughlin didn’t have a great year, too many questionable decisions and the OBJ debacle, but apart from the Minnesota game his team played hard all year. This was a club that simply wasn’t talented enough to win on a regular basis. The offensive line was patchwork. The defense was a joke.

If Coughlin goes, and I am not entirely sure he should, the Giants have to fire Reese as well. He put this club together, and should answer for it. Too many draft picks have been busts or total wastes under Reese. Yes, there is OBJ, but there are also guys like Hankins, Austin, Moore, and Robinson. But here’s the thing, I wouldn’t fire either of them. Couhglin has one year left on his contract. Reese is about to get a ton of salary cap space to work with. Bring them into a room and explain it is a package deal, playoffs or bust for both of them.

The alternative is to start over, and I think that is foolish with Eli Manning entering the twilight of his career. Eli had a great season, possibly his best ever. He has mastered this offense and switching coaches and coordinators on him will only complicate things. Stay the course one more year, and then reassess.

Or Tom Coughlin could make this all moot and retire. We will know it all in 24 hours.