The Cuts Start

The Giants cut three players today, Will Beatty, Geoff Schwartz, and Jon Beason. The moves add $12-million to their cap space which should bring it to about $55-million. They can free up more cap space by cutting or renegotiating Victor Cruz’s contract. Cruz is set to make almost $8-million next year, which is ridiculous for a player who hasn’t touched the field in almost two seasons.

The Beason cut makes great sense, he couldn’t stay on the field. The other two are interesting. Erik Flowers wasn’t a good LT last year, but he might be a better RT. Beatty’s return could have allowed that to happen. Schwartz was very good before getting hurt, and there is not an obvious replacement right now on the roster. The Giants have spent two #1 and a #2 pick in the last three drafts on offensive linemen, are they really going to do that again?

I suppose they could spend money to fill the holes these moves created, but what about all the other holes? Right now they need a #2 WR, a RG, a RT, two DE, a CB, and a FS, plus some linebackers. And that list is just starters. They will need to add some depth as well. It’s hard to see how draft picks and $60-million can fill all of those holes.

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