Wait Until Next Year

Last night St. Francis lost their opening game of the Northeastern Conference Tournament meaning that they will remain one of the five original D1 teams to have never made the NCAA Tournament. The other four teams- Army, Citadel, Northwestern, and William&Mary, are still in the running for a spot, though their chances are not great.

Army is ranked 4th in the Patriot League Tournament with a home game tonight against #5 Colgate. If they win that game, they probably have to go play #1 Bucknell on the road.

The Citadel is the lowest ranked team in the Southern League Tournament starting tonight. They will need to win four games in four nights to make the tourney.

Northwestern could finish as high as 9th in the Big 10, but that would mean four wins in four nights to make the tourney. If they fall to 11th, that would increase to five wins in five nights.

William&Mary is the #5 seed in the CAA meaning they will open on the road at James Madison. Assuming they win that, they will probably face the #1 seed, Hofstra to get to the conference finals.

So the odds are not good that any of the remaining four will finally make the tourney this year. But the beauty of college basketball is that they all have a chance.

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