Monthly Archives: June 2016

Now What?

In a vacuum, the trade for Derrick Rose is a good one for the Knicks. They didn’t overpay. They got a player who could be great next year, but is only signed through next year, so the risk is minimal. And when was the last time the Knicks actually acquired a draft pick in a trade instead of sending one away? The problem is, the Knicks do not operate in a vacuum and I am now terrified that the Knicks will take a serious run at Dwight Howard.

And that would be a huge mistake. Howard isn’t the player he once was, and he clearly has attitude issues. In short, he is someone the Knicks should stay far, far away from. But these are the Knicks where floor seats are expensive and need superstar names to entice customers to buy. Smart fans would prefer almost anyone, and especially Hassan Whiteside, in the pivot next year. Hopefully, Phil Jackson agrees with that.

How About Some Soccer?

Now that baseball is the only sport left standing in America, how about we turn our attention to our “fifth” sport, soccer? Fans around the world have been enjoying two top-notch tournaments, the European Championship and the Copa America. Now before you turn your noses up, consider that the U.S. could actually win Copa America. Let’s break it down.

The Copa America tournament is traditionally a 12-team event held in South America with all ten members of the South American Football Federation participating and two outside clubs from North America, or even Asia.

It is the oldest tournament of its kind in the world and this year marks its 100th anniversary. So to celebrate, they decided to have a 16-team tournament outside of South America for the first time ever.And so tonight, in Houston, the U.S. National Team will play Argentina, the team with the best player in the World, Lionel Messi in a semifinal match.

Here’s why this should be fun and interesting to U.S. fans. We are the underdogs. Argentina is one of the best teams in the world. They finished second in the last World Cup and have won two of them. The best we have ever done is finish third, which happened in the first World Cup in 1934 when the competition wasn’t what it is today. We have qualified for every World Cup since 1990, which is an achievement because we didn’t do that from 1950 until 1990.

So winning tonight would be epic, and would put us in position to win the tournament. We should have a good home crowd, but it will take a lot more than that to beat a powerhouse like Argentina. But tune in, you might catch a great story.

That Was Awesome

I know if you’re a Golden State fan, and I am related to a few of those, you are in the dumps today. Everyone else, you should have been thrilled by a truly great Game 7 last night.

Let’s start with the fantastic scenes in Cleveland. Fifty-two years is a long time to not see your team win and the people of Cleveland had to suffer through that for all of their teams.  Fans in New York should keep that in mind the next time they are feeling depressed about the state of one of their teams, we have been pretty lucky around here sports-wise.

How about the game itself? Tied with under a minute left and the go-ahead shot was a monster three. How about that block by LeBron right before the three? Pretty great ending all around.

And LeBron, we need to talk about him. There are people who will never forgive him for “The Decision”. I get that, but it is time to stop holding that against him. He made a stupid mistake when he was in his 20’s, who hasn’t, and he went back and made it right. He also has to be one of the top-5 players in NBA history, so maybe we can just enjoy him?

And don’t forget what Cleveland, all of them, had to do to win this series. They not only had to beat the team with the best regular season record in NBA history, they had to do it after going down 3-1, something no team had ever accomplished in the Finals before.

Finally, Golden State’s historic season now gets put into the historical trash can. 73-9 is only legendary if you close the deal. They not only didn’t, but as I mentioned above, they are the first team to lose in the Finals after being up 3-1. That will make for a long summer in the East Bay and beyond.

Finally, A Good Game in the Finals!

The result wasn’t what I hoped for, but at least Game 4 of the NBA Finals was competitive. After three-straight clunkers, we needed this as fans.

The problem is, all indications are that his might be it. Golden State has kicked it into a different gear since falling behind 3-1 in the Conference Finals.  Cleveland seems to either not have a higher gear, or is simply overmatched.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I hope Cleveland can get us back to Wednesday.

The Finals We All Wanted

Sure, if you had a team in this year’s NBA Playoffs you wanted them in the Finals.  But once they were eliminated, this matchup became the thing that warmed your basketball heart. Where to begin?

Well let’s start with the rematch factor. We had an amazing six-game series last year when LeBron basically played the Warriors by himself. This time we get to see if the full Cleveland team can do better.

Add in the 73 wins factor. It looked like the Warriors might flush that season down the drain in the Conference Finals, but they showed grit and heart and overcame a very good Thunder team in 7 games.

Don’t forget the stars. Curry and LeBron are obviously the headliners, but Klay Thompson has emerged as one of the best guards in the game. Kylie Irving and Kevin Love are really good too.

Add it all up and this should be an epic series. Is it too much to ask that it comes down to Game 7, Warriors down by 2, Curry with the ball and time running out?