That Was Awesome

I know if you’re a Golden State fan, and I am related to a few of those, you are in the dumps today. Everyone else, you should have been thrilled by a truly great Game 7 last night.

Let’s start with the fantastic scenes in Cleveland. Fifty-two years is a long time to not see your team win and the people of Cleveland had to suffer through that for all of their teams.  Fans in New York should keep that in mind the next time they are feeling depressed about the state of one of their teams, we have been pretty lucky around here sports-wise.

How about the game itself? Tied with under a minute left and the go-ahead shot was a monster three. How about that block by LeBron right before the three? Pretty great ending all around.

And LeBron, we need to talk about him. There are people who will never forgive him for “The Decision”. I get that, but it is time to stop holding that against him. He made a stupid mistake when he was in his 20’s, who hasn’t, and he went back and made it right. He also has to be one of the top-5 players in NBA history, so maybe we can just enjoy him?

And don’t forget what Cleveland, all of them, had to do to win this series. They not only had to beat the team with the best regular season record in NBA history, they had to do it after going down 3-1, something no team had ever accomplished in the Finals before.

Finally, Golden State’s historic season now gets put into the historical trash can. 73-9 is only legendary if you close the deal. They not only didn’t, but as I mentioned above, they are the first team to lose in the Finals after being up 3-1. That will make for a long summer in the East Bay and beyond.

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  • Greg  On June 20, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    “Fans in New York . . . have been pretty lucky . . .” Unless of course those fans are Jets fans (1968-1969). Or Knicks fans (1972-1973). Or Nets fans (1975-1976). Perhaps they’re not feeling quite so lucky. Heck, even Islanders fans (11982-1983) and Mets fans (1986) could be forgiven for feeling a bit, umm, parched (1986). Come to think of it, Rangers fans are probably not feeling so smug either (1993-1994; and that was the first time in over 5 decades). So, while Yankees fans and Giants fans really don’t have much to cry about, those other fans can be forgiven for feeling a wee bit frustrated.

    I don’t follow basketball, but I did watch the second half of last night’s game. Quite the thriller. I thought LeBron James had broken his wrist towards the end there. He looked like he was in quite a bit of pain. BL recently described Golden State as tragically flawed on another post. I suppose there’s something to that.

  • nysportsfanatic  On June 20, 2016 at 10:18 pm

    Right, but even if you are a fan of the worst combination of NY sports teams in each sport- Jets, Mets, Nets, and Rangers I think, you still had seen 5 titles and each team win in the period since Cleveland last won anything. I can’t think of any city with as dismal a stretch and three teams.

  • blmeanie  On June 21, 2016 at 7:42 am

    Two issues I have with Golden State’s makeup. First, the best player as an undersized point guard can’t sustain dominance. His size works against him when teams are desperate and devise schemes to get the ball out of his hands. He did great to get the one title, it will be harder to repeat and return. Shooting point guards (Iverson) take a beating and hard to get clean looks, that is why Curry took to shooting from 7-8 feet behind the 3 point line this year. Because he can and because that is where no defense was.

    The second point is GS’s depth that carried them to the 73-9 record is awesome for the regular season, however in the playoffs, depth diminishes in effectiveness because the stars play a lot more minutes for both teams. There never was opportunity for GS’s bench to beat up Cleveland’s bench players.

    It will be interesting to watch what happens next, whether GS finds another star to add to their lineup, where Durant ends up, how the draft/trades go.

    I am hoping the Celtics do it smartly Thursday and beyond, they have so many chips to play, easily could get screwed up. Also could be like Christmas morning.

    • nysportsfanatic  On June 21, 2016 at 9:11 am

      Recent history has not been great for teams that came close to finishing a record season and then lost. The Mariners still haven’t won and the Patriots took eight years to win. It will be interesting to watch.

      THe draft is such a crapshoot because it is so hard to predict how these guys will mature as their bodies finish developing. I am amazed that the NBA hasn’t tried harder to force players into more than 1 year of college ball. Predicting development at 19 is not easy st all.

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