Playoff Hockey

It’s the best time of the year in hockey and so far, the Rangers and Canadiens are living up to the hype. Montreal pulled out a stunner in Game 2 and then blasted the Rangers in Game 3. New York rebounded with a much, much better effort in Game 4, and now we head to Montreal tied at 2.

The best series right now is the Toronto-Washington one. All three games have gone to OT and the surprising Maple Leafs have the Presidents Cup winners on their heels. Game 4 is tonight in Toronto and the Leafs could go up 3-1. Pretty much every other team in the East would be thrilled by that.

Boston and Ottawa aren’t far behind. The last two games have been OT affairs and Game 1 was decided by a goal as well. Game 4 is tonight with the Senators looking to take a 3-1 lead back home Friday.

A really shocking series is Chicago-Nashville. Chicago was the best team in the West, but they are down 3-0 to a surprisingly tough Predators squad. Nashville can close things out tomorrow night at home.

If you like late games, Edmonton-San Jose has been a great series, apart from Game 4 which was a rout. The series is tied, but the games don’t start until 10:30 EDT, which is rough.

Not all the series have been good, or even close to what was expected. Columbus finally put up an effort last night to avoid getting swept by Pittsburgh. Both teams won 50-games during the season and Pittsburgh only claimed home ice because of a better record in OT, so this looked to be a close series. Maybe Columbus will rally, but it hasn’t been pretty so far.

Anaheim and St. Louis can sweep their series tonight. The Minnesota-St. Louis series is a surprise as the Blues were actually the underdog. Barring a historic collapse, that wasn’t accurate.

And while I am not a huge fan of the fact that the NHL takes the games away from local TV after this round, the flip side to that is that all playoff games are televised nationally now. USA and NBCSports are doing the bulk of the games, with the NHL Network chipping in occasionally. So go out and watch, there is nothing like it.



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  • blmeanie  On April 20, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    I’ve watched more hockey (mostly Bruins) this week and last than I have all season. Yeah! Playoff hockey.

  • blmeanie  On April 21, 2017 at 6:21 am

    yes but not nearly as many as RedSox games. Probably 80% Sox, 12% Celtics, 7% Bruins, 1% Patriots

    • nysportsfanatic  On April 23, 2017 at 10:06 am

      Your team has some more work to do, but my team is ready for a second Original Six playoff matchup.

  • blmeanie  On April 24, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    Well the Bruins are out. Frustrating end, while they were not going to win it all this year, having a few injuries to key people never sets you up to win. 4 OT games out of 6 tells you they easily could have moved forward out of the first round though. Was hoping all 4 teams would make historic runs to conference finals or better this year. I remember there was a 12 month period around 1986 when all four Boston teams did extremely well.

    • nysportsfanatic  On April 25, 2017 at 4:35 pm

      Well the Celtics seem to have righted the ship, so I guess you have a chance at a pretty great year.

      What I remember from 1986 was Wade Boggs sitting out the final four games of the season, against the Yankees, because he didn’t want to lose the batting title to Mattingly. And the Giants destroying everyone.

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