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This Could Get Ugly

College recruiting is an ugly process and this morning there was evidence of how ugly it really is. Coaches at four schools, Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State, USC, and an executive at Addidas, were arrested.  It was part of a three-year investigation and the documents add that Louisville and Miami are also being investigated.

The feds caught everyone, including the NCAA, by surprise and the fallout from the could be massive  it’s naive to think that only six schools are involved and impossible to guess where this will all end.  What we do know is that two premier college programs are charged with bribery and wire fraud among other things. This won’t end well.


Melo is Traded

The Knicks have finally traded Carmelo Anthony!  He is headed to Oklahoma City for the equivalent of nothing- Kanter, McDermott, and a 2nd rounder. Kanter is actually a decent rotation player, but you get the point.

This really wasn’t about what they got back, it was about burying a mistake and moving on. Melo didn’t work out. Jackson compounded that mistake with a max contract and a no-trade clause. Revisiting it all again is pointless.

And now the Knicks launch their latest rebuilding attempt in earnest. It won’t be pretty and it won’t happen fast. But, they have Porzingas and Willy and that’s a start. If they drafted the right guy in Ntilikina, they will have a strong nucleus and if they are smart, they will lose a lot this year to get another lottery pick.


A lot of smart football minds think the Giants will ride a suffocating defense deep into the postseason this year. I’m not convinced.

I’m fully on board with the idea of a dominating defense and I also know what that means historically for this franchise. But I think that ignores two vital facts about this Giants squad.

First, Eli isn’t s kid anymore. He is on the downslope of his career. That’s not a knock, but it gets a lot harder to win the older you get.  And what makes me worry about his age is the second thing, the offensive line, specifically at left tackle.

Erick Flowers has been a disaster in his first two years and in the preseason he didn’t show that he was any better. Add in the questions at right guard and right tackle, and Eli could be running for his life. And don’t forget, the Giants were terrible at running the ball last year. Previous great Giant teams could always run the ball no matter what.

I never thought the 2015 Giants were as bad as their record showed and I don’t think the 2016 Giants were as good as their record showed  I expect this team to finish 8-8.  That could be a playoff squad and if they got on a roll, anything is possible.  But don’t expect a 12-4 campaign and a walk to the playoffs.