ESPN ran a story yesterday that the New England triumvirate of Kraft, Belichick, and Brady is about to fall apart over internal strife. Today the New York papers are suggesting that Belichick will come and coach the Giants as a result of that.

Let’s start with the ESPN report. It makes Tom Brady look like an egotistical athlete who cant handle getting older.  Does that sound familiar?  That’s what almost every star athlete wrestles with at the end of their career. How that would break up the Patriots is beyond me. But let’s just play along, let’s say Belichick is at the end of his rope and wants out. What happens then?

Sure, the Giants make sense. He fondly remembers his time here and he even owned a brownstone in Park Slope up until a few years ago, but beyond that think of all the obstacles that would remain.

First, Belichick would need to be willing to put his legacy on the line. This is not a small point. Right now, he is probably considered the greatest coach in NFL history. He is considered a football genius. Now, he very well may be both of those things, but he also might be one of the luckiest guys ever because Tom Brady is the greatest QB ever and Belichick got lucky with the 199th pick in the draft. This is all debatable, but right now not worth discussing. Now if Belichcik left New England and flopped here in New York, that would put a major dent in his legacy. And if he came here and won, would it really do more for his legacy?  In short, what’s the upside to coming back here?

Second, even if he did want to take the risk, the Patriots are not going to just let him walk out the door. Their initial demand will include the #2pick in this year’s draft plus a lot more picks in future drafts. The Giants can’t pay that price and expect to be able to rebuild successfully.

Third, the timing won’t work. Unless Belichick is so disgusted with everything in New England that he would take the unprecedented move of leaving his job before the Patriots played their playoff game, this cant happen. The Giants need to hire a coach in the next week or so, waiting for the Patriots to compete their playoff run to take a chance that Belichick would become their coach is crazy. All the good candidates would be gone by then and the Giants would be in the worst position possible-forced to pay whatever price New England wants for Belichick because there would be no plan B at that point.

So count me out on the whole idea. Unless Bill steps to a podium in New England in the next few days with a cocktail napkin that says, “I resign as HC of NE” Then things would get ineteresting.

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  • blmeanie  On January 6, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    I posted on FB today a link to the article that had quotes from Kraft that said there was no day long meeting and he did not dictate the trade, that BB made the decision at the time it happened and he was fine with it.

    Then I added this picture:

    So, lets assume, for fun, that all h*ll breaks loose and Brady and Kraft are together and BB is pissed off at something and quits.

    Yes, whomever receives his services likely would have to pay a number of picks, but, in one article I read, it said BB contract status is not known, never publicly known which blows my mind if true. Maybe he doesn’t have to quit, maybe he goes year to year with Kraft, or maybe he is just up at the end of the year.

    Giants would be a tough place to go, too much time to get better, he is not young anymore.

    Fun BS articles…

    • nysportsfanatic  On January 8, 2018 at 5:20 pm

      I think the whole idea total BS, but I would bet you the only place he would go is the Giants. It’s in his blood, he cried in their old locker room on that NFL Films show a few years ago thinking about his time there. I also don’t think the challenge would scare him away. After all, Rams just went from 4-12 last year to 11-5 this year. Carolina also won 11 after going 6-10 last year. Raiders and Giants went from 12 and 11 wins to 6 and 3. This isn’t the NFL of our youth, teams can build themselves into contention pretty quickly. The hard part is staying in it year after year.

  • blmeanie  On January 11, 2018 at 8:11 pm

    I agree it is easier today to post a good record after a bad year with free agency and the frequency of injuries that can derail a season. Carolina, in your example, had/has talent and was good two years ago so I think injuries wreak havoc as much as free agency helps.

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