What’s the Plan Dave?

It was just two weeks ago that the Giants GM haughtily dismissed trade speculation surrounding OBJ and said, “We didn’t sign Odell to that contract to trade him.”  Yet, here we are, with nothing of note being reported and the most talented Giant since LT is headed to Cleveland.  What the hell just happened?

This being OBJ, who is somewhere between “mercurial” and “knucklehead” on the maintenance scale, something could have happened behind the scenes, but barring that, this is a huge kick to the teeth for the fans, and it casts serious doubts about what plan, if any, the GM is building here.

The Giants didn’t have to sign OBJ to that enormous deal a year ago. The new regime could have come in and traded him, pitching it as the first step in the rebuild, and the fan base probably would have swallowed hard, but given them the benefit of the doubt. But, they gave him the big deal, continually denied they were shopping him, and now they have pulled an incredible u-turn.

How can any fan feel like a real plan is being executed?  You don’t trade a franchise player for future assets if you aren’t rebuilding,  but you don’t rebuild with a 38-year old QB. Yet, that seems to be the current plan. Maybe the Giants draft their future QB this year, but it really looks like Eli is going to at least start the year under center. (Of course if the past 12 hours have taught us anything, we shouldn’t believe anything the GM says).

I hope someone for the Giants management stands up today and gives us some explanations for all of this. A little humility from the GM would go a long way in that department.  Because from my seat in the bleachers, it’s starting to look like the Giants are trying to emulate the Knicks a lot more than the Yankees.

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