Losing the Lottery-Again

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a win tonight. The Knicks went into this with a 14% chance at the first pick. The odds were basically 50-50 when it came to getting a top-3 pick. And then there’s History. Since the lottery started, the Knicks have been in it 17 times. They’ve moved up once (care to guess when?), moved down 5 times and ended up even 10 times. When they’ve been projected to be in the top-3, they’ve come out with a top-3 pick 50% of the time. So, maybe this result simply reflects their historical fate.

But now the Knicks face one of their toughest challenges ever. They need to figure out which free agents they have a good chance of signing before deciding how to using their pick. Maybe they trade it, but is Anthony Davis really going to walk away from New Orleans now?  And if Davis isn’t coming back in a trade, the Knicks need to use this pick on a player who can compliment their future free agents. Which brings me back to the start of this paragraph.

Done right, the two free agents and the #3 pick can make the Knicks into instant title contenders. Done wrong, we will be back in the pergatory we have been in this century.

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  • Greg  On May 22, 2019 at 12:33 am

    I’m guessing the smart money is betting purgatory?

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