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Here’s to 2020!

Another year, another set of predictions to make (and miss). Here’s how I see the year unfolding.

January- LSU outlasts Clemson to win the college championship

Kansas City and San Francisco advance to the Super Bowl

Derek Jeter is not unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame but he gets in along with Curt Schilling

Tom Brady and Eli Manning retire

February- The Chiefs win the Super Bowl

The Astros lose their top-five draft picks and are fined $10-million for their

March- Auburn, Duke, UVA, and Gonzaga are #1 seeds

April- Auburn cuts down the nets after outlasting Gonzaga

The Knicks and Rangers both miss the playoffs

Tiger Woods misses the cut at the Masters

May- Milwaukee and LA win their conference championships in basketball, while the Stanley Cuo is a rematch between Boston and St. Louis

June- Milwaukee outlasts the Lakers and the Bruins get revenge on St. Louis

July- The Yankees reach the break with a 12-game lead and eight players on the All-Star team

August- Due to a massive heatwave, the Olympics in Tokyo are severely disrupted

September- The Giants beat the Cowboys in the season opener, but end the month under .500

The Yankees, Twins, A’s, Phillies, Cardinals, and Padres win their divisions

October- The Yankees win the World Series over Philadelphia

November- The two best teams in the NFL are Buffalo and San Francisco.  The Patriots are below .500

December- Alabama, Clemson, Texas, and Utah make the CFP

A blogger in Brooklyn vows to do better next year

Happy New Year!



It’s Over!

The Giants just completed the worst three-year stretch in their history. They are a combined 24-games under .500 over the past three years, “beating” the 23-under they amassed from 1973-1975. (To be fair, those teams only had to play 14 games). It’s been brutal.

They’ve done the easiest thing possible, firing the head coach. You won’t find me defending him, but I also don’t think it’s enough. It was the GM who picked a guy who went 9-23 in Cleveland to be his head coach, and he got 9-23 in New York. (At least he was consistent?) Giving him a second chance at picking a head coach doesn’t thrill me, but the Giants are an incredibly conservative organization. It just isn’t in their DNA to clean house.

What I would like to see is ownership come forward now and explain their vision. I want them to recognize that having the brother of the principal owner also serve as a team executive is untenable and that they have to do things differently. I want them to recognize how bad this has become. I’m not optimistic.

Almost Perfect

If this was it for Eli Manning as a Giant, it was a pretty great way to end his career. The Giants won, and the lopsided score let them give Eli a curtain call on their last possession of the game. It certainly wasn’t a packed stadium, but the crowd did a great job giving Eli the standing ovation he deserved.

It was a fitting end for a guy who delivered the greatest upset in Super Bowl history and then added a second one four years later. While plenty of people think Eli will play somewhere else next year, I don’t. He’s got his rings, and if he retires after this year he will have earned the most money of any player in NFL history, just over $250-million  What else does he need to prove?

The only downside of today’s game is it’s potential to create a damaging narrative about Daniel Jones. If Jones can’t get another win this season, it will create the impression that the Giants made a bad move switching to him in week two. It’s a false narrative, but it will become a reality if Jones can’t get under center and win in the final two games.  The Giants provided a good close to the Eli era, now it’s time to fully embrace the future.


Don’t get me wrong, I never thought the Knicks would be good this year. But, I figured that with all the additions they would improve from last year’s abysmal record of 17-65 to something closer to a 30-win team. Bad, but not the train wreck we have seen twice in the past six years. All those additions had to make them better, right?

How wrong I was.  The Knicks are 4-18 and have been blown out by 81 points over their last two games.  Somehow, a team that added the third pick in the draft and some other moderately talented players is worse than a team that was a mishmash of mediocre talent last season.  How bad can this really get? And how do they fix this?

At this point, you really can’t call a bottom.  Over the past 20 seasons, the Knicks won one playoff series, made the playoffs a total of five times, and lost 50 or more games ten times!  The worst stretch in franchise history was from 1959 to 1966 where they missed the playoffs seven-straight seasons and finished 192 games below .500.  This will be their seventh-straight season missing the playoffs and they are 180 games below .500.  That means they have to go better than 24-36 over their final 60 games to avoid equaling or surpassing that string of futility.  Is there anyone who thinks that is going to happen?

Nope and we know what happens next- the coach will get fired.  I would put that as a certainty, with only the timing up in the air. If they don’t win before they play Atlanta on the 17th, he’s toast.  But if they scratch out a win or two (Hello @ Golden State) he may hang on a bit.  Either way, he won’t last until April.  His firing will probably be accompanied by the firing of the GM, leaving the two most culpable figures for this futility, Dolan and Mills, still in place.  Until one or both of that duo is gone, this will continue forever

UPDATED- Moments after pressing publish on this, Fizdale was fired.  He ran practice today, so the Knicks showed their usual class in handling this


This is a Disaster

Remember when the Giants were 2-2? It was September, so you probably forgot. They’ve now lost eight-straight, one short of their franchise record of nine set in 1976, and they have been officially eliminated from the playoffs. (Chuckle)

The most concerning thing is the utter lack of progress this team has made under Pat Shurmur.  Name one second year player who is having a better year this one than he did last? You can’t, and while Daniel Jones continues to impress, he isn’t enough to save Shurmur’s job. What could save him?  I would say at least two more wins this year, but that is a big ask. Two of the remaining games are against Philly, not what they once were, but much better than the Giants. The other two games are against Miami and Washington, who both have one more win than the Giants currently have.

And when I say at least two more wins, I mean it still might not be enough. The Giants hate to fire coaches, but it is really hard to claim progress if you follow up a 5-11 season with a 4-12 one. Three-straight seasons of double digit losses.  Five of six seasons with double digit losses. This isn’t the 1970’s, but unless something radical happens, it soon will be.