They Have to Nail This

I was going through the list of NYC-area head coaches in my mind today trying to figure out which of the nine has the longest tenure. The Giants fired their coach last week, and the Devils and Knicks did the same in December. The Mets just hired Beltran and the Jets only hired Adam Gase last year. I knew the Rangers and Islanders had hired coaches close to the same time in 2018, so that left the Yankees and Nets in the running. Aaron Boone amazingly is second in tenure after two seasons to Kenny Atkinson, who could be in trouble with a 16-18 record. I can’t remember another period in NY sports where the coaching turnover was so in sync.

That brings me to the Giants who had just moved on from Tom Coughlin when Atkinson got the job in Brooklyn. Over the last four seasons we have seen two coaches come and go and now we are about to see the fourth coach in six seasons get the job. That’s a damning indictment for a team that claims to be about stability. And it ramps up the pressure for this next hire.

Consider the state of the team, not ready to contend, but under a ticking clock. Rookie contracts are the great bargains of the NFL and the Giants have their most important skill players still on theirs. They need to take a big step forward next year, and become a legitimate contender in 2021 before Saquon, Jones, Lawrence, Baker, and others reach the end of their rookie deals. That means the next coach has to have a system that will maximize those talents and the GM has to be smart with the draft and the $70-million or so of cap space he has to work with.

It’s a tall order. There are only nine head coaches in the league with five or more seasons in their current job. Turnover is the norm and guys like Belichick (2000), Peyton (2006), Tomlin (2007), and Carrol (2010) are the exception. But the Giants can’t keep doing this. They went from twelve seasons of Coughlin to utter chaos. Choose your next coach wisely, Mr. Mara.

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  • blmeanie  On January 7, 2020 at 7:28 am

    Besides the Yankees, who I would imagine you believe is the next title grabber for NYC, who else and when for the city?

    Jets/Giants – minimally 3 years away, right?
    Knicks – minimally…lol
    Nets – 1-3 years away if Kyrie and Durant work out and healthy?
    Mets – ?
    Islanders/Rangers/Devils – nobody really knocking on a door now, maybe the islanders are approaching contender status

    • nysportsfanatic  On January 7, 2020 at 12:02 pm

      Put the Knicks last on this list. I would say Islanders or Nets. Islanders blitzed the Penguins in the playoffs last year and they are third in the conference so far this year. They could make a run this year or next and it wouldn’t shock me.

      The Nets put their dream team together for next season so we will see.

      The Mets could be good, but that division is probably the toughest in baseball now. Outside of the Marlins, everyone is good.

      Rangers should be contenders again in 2021-22 season.

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