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This Will be Interesting

Kyrie, KD, and DeAndre Jordan are apparently all heading to New York City to play!  By New York City, I mean Brooklyn and this has the potential to be the most interesting basketball move made here in years.

Let’s start with the optimistic view. Durant heals and returns to being one of the best players in the league. Paired with Kyrie and DeAndre, he turns the Nets into a championship team. Add in the fact that the Knicks have been horrible for 20 years and appear to have whiffed completely on free agency, and you might see a change in the rooting dynamics in our city- which is overwhelmingly skewed towards the Knicks.

On the flip side, what happens if Durant returns diminished, Kyrie continues to piss people off, and the Nets don’t become a great team?  The Nets will have swung and missed in a very public way and won’t be contenders for five years at least.

But here’s the hideous thing from a Knicks perspective. Their icompetent owner will almost certainly overreact to this super team created on his doorstep and overpay for mediocre talent. The spiral of doom will continue. I hope I’m wrong, but we all know I’m not.


The Curse of the Knicks

The Knicks haven’t played a game in two months. but they somehow keep losing. First came the draft lottery, where they fell to third. Then came a big Nets trade which enables them to match the Knicks dollar for dollar in free agency. And last night, their number one free agent target, Kevin Durant, crumbled to the floor with an apparent ACL injury that will almost certainly keep him off the court the rest of this calendar year and raises serious questions about his future performance.

And while most sane franchises would now steer way clear of Durant, it is almost a certainty the Knicks will bid against themselves and offer him a max deal to come to NY even with the injury questions. Probably the only way it doesn’t happen is if Durant decides to exercise his player option for next season and then hits free agency after the 2019-2020 season. Otherwise, we could see the strange spectacle of a guy on crutches signing a deal for over $100-million.  Only in New York kids, only in Knickland


Losing the Lottery-Again

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a win tonight. The Knicks went into this with a 14% chance at the first pick. The odds were basically 50-50 when it came to getting a top-3 pick. And then there’s History. Since the lottery started, the Knicks have been in it 17 times. They’ve moved up once (care to guess when?), moved down 5 times and ended up even 10 times. When they’ve been projected to be in the top-3, they’ve come out with a top-3 pick 50% of the time. So, maybe this result simply reflects their historical fate.

But now the Knicks face one of their toughest challenges ever. They need to figure out which free agents they have a good chance of signing before deciding how to using their pick. Maybe they trade it, but is Anthony Davis really going to walk away from New Orleans now?  And if Davis isn’t coming back in a trade, the Knicks need to use this pick on a player who can compliment their future free agents. Which brings me back to the start of this paragraph.

Done right, the two free agents and the #3 pick can make the Knicks into instant title contenders. Done wrong, we will be back in the pergatory we have been in this century.

Gettleman’s All In

Generally, I find draft analysis stupid. Scouts seems to have a 50% chance of picking the stars over the scrubs, so why should the “draft experts” offer any wisdom?  To me, the best approach a team can take is to address needs and hope the picks they make to fill them are the right ones.

From that perspective, drafting Daniels Jones makes a lot of sense for the Giants. They will need a QB very, very soon. But I have to question if he was 1- even the 3rd-best QB in this draft and 2- if he represents a bigger need than a defense that has nothing in the way of pass rush, and could have added a primo outside linebacker in Josh Allen?

For the first question, I say maybe. But, that means I would never draft him sixth overall. For the second question I say nope, they clearly neeeded a pass rusher more than anything for 2019. And here’s the thing, Dwayne Haskins lasted until the 15th pick and Drew Lock is available as of the 29th selection, so are you telling me the Giants couldn’t have drafted Jones at 17? (Or in the 2nd round?)

Forget the Dave Brown comparisons, I can’t compare a guy today with a guy from 25 years ago. What I worry is that the Giants love Jones because he was coached by the same coach who coached Eli. That’s a dumb reason to draft a guy, but it also starts the clock on the current GM and coach. This will be Jones’ “redshirt” year. If he can’t show that he is the QB of the future by 2021, the Giants will have to clean house again.

(And after seeing their 17th pick, I bet on sooner, but let’s save that for tomorrow.)

What’s the Plan Dave?

It was just two weeks ago that the Giants GM haughtily dismissed trade speculation surrounding OBJ and said, “We didn’t sign Odell to that contract to trade him.”  Yet, here we are, with nothing of note being reported and the most talented Giant since LT is headed to Cleveland.  What the hell just happened?

This being OBJ, who is somewhere between “mercurial” and “knucklehead” on the maintenance scale, something could have happened behind the scenes, but barring that, this is a huge kick to the teeth for the fans, and it casts serious doubts about what plan, if any, the GM is building here.

The Giants didn’t have to sign OBJ to that enormous deal a year ago. The new regime could have come in and traded him, pitching it as the first step in the rebuild, and the fan base probably would have swallowed hard, but given them the benefit of the doubt. But, they gave him the big deal, continually denied they were shopping him, and now they have pulled an incredible u-turn.

How can any fan feel like a real plan is being executed?  You don’t trade a franchise player for future assets if you aren’t rebuilding,  but you don’t rebuild with a 38-year old QB. Yet, that seems to be the current plan. Maybe the Giants draft their future QB this year, but it really looks like Eli is going to at least start the year under center. (Of course if the past 12 hours have taught us anything, we shouldn’t believe anything the GM says).

I hope someone for the Giants management stands up today and gives us some explanations for all of this. A little humility from the GM would go a long way in that department.  Because from my seat in the bleachers, it’s starting to look like the Giants are trying to emulate the Knicks a lot more than the Yankees.

It’s Hopeless

When I last wrote about the Knicks, almost a year ago, it was to talk about the strange parallel between Porzingas and Bernard King. in that post, I mentioned how King only played six more games for then Knicks after his injury. According to ESPN, Porzingas may never play another game as a Knick as he wants to be traded.

Its hard to fault him. The Knicks are a disaster and have been since Jeff Van Grundy resigned in 2001. The last 18 years have seen them have a losing record 15 times and win only one playoff series. 11 different head coaches have presided over this dumpster fire and the team is currently on pace to win 16 games.

And as I write this, the news is breaking that they have traded Porzingas to Dallas for Dennis Smith, Jr and a whole bunch of cap space. So the plan is to try to sign two max free agents and hit the Zion lottery? Good grief.

Heres the official deal as announced by the Knicks.

The team has acquired guard Dennis Smith Jr., center DeAndre Jordan, guard/forward Wesley Matthews and two future first round draft picks from Dallas in exchange for forward Kristaps Porzingis, and guards Tim Hardaway Jr., Trey Burke and Courtney Lee.

Jordan and Matthews are going to be traded or bought out and with THJ gone, the Knicks are really, really, going to stink. The problem is, the worst record in basketball only guarantees you a top-5 pick these days you don’t get any more ping pong balls than the second or third-worst teams.

NFL Follies

Sunday gave us two of the best, and most frustrating, football games you will ever see. The NFC Championship was marred by a double missed call of enormous importance. The AFC Championship showed us once again why the NFL has stupid overtime rules.

Let’s start in New Orleans where the referees missed two calls on the same play that would have left New Orleans in an almost no-lose situation. The problem is that there is no mechanism in replay for a review of a call that wasn’t made.  Now I don’t think we want the NFL to create a system where pass interference is reviewable if it hasn’t been called. That would create six hour games. But, there are two changes they could make.

First, similar to college football, allow reviews for targeting. In the play in question, the defender clearly made an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit. That’s a safety issue and something that should be reviewable even if it isn’t called.

Second, add another official during playoff games who utilizes the overhead cameras to look for missed penalties. The official can zoom in on certain area and make calls that officials on the field miss. MLB adds to extra umpires during the playoffs, why can’t football?

As for the AFC it was a wonderful game, but the NFL has to change the overtime rule. I’ve said it before, but championships should not be settled on a coin flip. Yes, just like two years ago, the Patriots executed when it mattered, but change the coin flip in those two games and we might have a Falcons Suoer Bowl victory and the Chiefs heading to one. That’s dumb.

I’m not suggesting the NFL change the rules for the regular season, unless they want to adopt the far-superior college rules, but in the playoffs both team should get the ball once. After that it becomes  sudden death game and whatever happens happens.

QB Roulette

While everyone says the Giants have to take a QB in the first round this year, they better be sure about the guy if they do. Consider these stats which apply to the years since the last time the Giants spent a first rounder on a QB (Philip Rivers in 2004)

40 QBs have been first round picks.

Those 40 QBs have produced 14 Pro Bowl seasons.

Those 40 QBs have produced 149 years as starters out of a possible 275.  (If you were drafted in 2018 you had 1 possibles start year, if 2017, you had 2, etc.).

So, we can say about 10% of the starting seasons for first round QBs have been Pro Bowl caliber.

Now consider the QBs take in the remaining rounds 2-7.

There have been 128 of them.

They have produced 16 Pro Bowl Seasons

They have 89 start years ( I didn’t calculate the possible years because that would be intense).

So, there have actually been more Pro Bowl seasons from the QBs drafted after the first round from 2005 on than the ones drafted in the first round. Now granted, there are/were some pretty good QBs who were first round picks that weren’t in this sample like Peyton, Eli, Big Ben, and Philip Rivers. But, that is balanced by the fact that both Brady and Brees weren’t drafted in the first round and they have 26 Pro Bowls between them that aren’t included for that group.

To me, this proves one thing. You absolutely need a QB, but reaching for that QB can have fateful consequences. You have to trust the GM to make the right call in the draft. If he thinks there is a potential franchise QB, take him in round 1, if not, take someone else and maybe you can find that QB later.

Here’s to 2019!

Last year predicted the Vegas Knights to make the Stanley Cup and Golden State to win the Finals. I also predicted the Twins and 49rs to be good, so you’ve been warned. Here’s how I see 2019 unfolding.


Mariano Rivera comes three votes away from being the first unaimous Hall of Famer. Rivera is inducted along withEdgar Martinez and Ray Holliday.

Clemson beats Alabama to tie their playoff series at 2.

Kansas City and Dallas advance to the Super Bowl.

Manny Machado joins the Phillies on an eight-year/ $320-million deal. Bryce Harper shocks the baseball world by signing with the White Sox for ten years and $350-million. The Yankees respond by bringing back Robertson and Britton and signing Troy Tulowitzki to a minimum contract.


Kansas City wins the Super Bowl

The Rangers extend Kevin Hayes and name him captain

Close to 100 free agents remain unsigned as pitchers and catchers report.


The number 1 seeds are Duke, UVA, Tennessee, and Nevada. And Nevada follows in UVAs footsteps and loses in the first round.

Plenty of free agents are still available as the MLB season starts  in response, the players stage a symbolic strike on the day after Opening Day


Tiger Woods almost wins the Masters, but blows a lead on the last day.

Duke cuts down the nets after beating UVA

The Knicks miss the playoffs since they might already be eliminated while the Rangers only get eliminated in the final week of the season


The NHL and NBA playoffs have a Canadian feel as Toronto, Winnipeg, and Calgary make the hockey final four while the Raptors do so in the NBA.  But, Milwaukee beats Toronto to adavance to the NBA Finals and face Oklahoma City, who outlasted Golden State.  The Leafs lose to Washington, while Winnipeg makes the Cup

The Giants don’t draft a QB in the first round of the NFL Draft

The Knicks win the NBA draft lottery


Milwaukee and Winnipeg win their respective championships.

After 81 games Stanton has 36 homers and Judge has 35. The Yankees are also cruising to them AL East title.

Zion Williamson is the Knicks pick.


The Yankees enter the break up ten on the division, but the Brewers have the best record in baseball.


The Red Sox cut the Yankee lead to two games after sweeping them at the Stadium


Eli Manning is the starting QB for the Giants opener.

The Yankees, Twins, A’s, Phillies, Brewers and Dodgers win their divisions. Boston, Houston, Atlanta and Chicago are wild cards.

The Yankees break their own home record as a team with 281 powered by 58 from Judge and 55 from Stanton.


The Dodgers win the World Series over the Yankees.


The Knicks have a winning record at the end of the month


Alabama, Clemson, Texas, and Michigan make the CFP playoffs

A blogger in Brooklyn vows to do better next year

Happy New Year!


This Could Be Ugly

The most damning statistic that sums up the Jerry Reese era is this- the Giants roster has only ten players he drafted or signed left on it. That’s right, after one offseason, the Giants have gotten rid of almost every remnant of Reese’s tenure.

Which is why cutting Davis Webb wasn’t a huge shock. Clearly Reese didn’t do a great job of evaluating talent and the new brass correctly decided that developing two QBs made zero sense and cut the one they felt had less upside. And if he isn’t the future solution, the odds are still pretty good that the Giants will have a top draft pick in the next draft.

Thats because the talent is not very deep and the schedule is very tough, second-hardest by most measurements. Consider the first eight games- Jax, @Dal, @Hou, Saints, @Car, Phi, @Atl, Washington. The Giants will be definite underdogs in the first seven and possibly all of them. Getting through that at 4-4 would be a huge achievement.

And one that seems impossible. The offensive line is completely new, but there are huge questions on the right side. The skill positions on offense should be really good, but will Manning have time to get the ball out?

Its a new defense harkining back to the glory days of Parcells and the 3-4, but without the dominant linebackers which is a huge problem. The defensive line should be good, but other than Jenkins and Collins, the secondary doesn’t look good at all.

I think the Giants end up better than last year (not a bold prediction) but still pretty bad, six wins tops. But that’s ok because you want them to have the high draft pick and a shot at their next franchise QB. Rebuilds take time and we will have our patience sorely tested this season.