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Back Where It Started

Apparently the Big East name and the Big East tournament venue of the Garden will remain with the Catholic Seven when they split away from the football schools. in addition, the split may come as soon as next season.┬áIt’s the right decision because it honors what the Big East once was and what it might become again- the best basketball conference in the country.

Back in the 80’s Big East basketball ruled the NCAA. The catholic schools that had banded together to from the league were the best in the nation. But then the siren song of football came and ruined it. Miami was brought in and suddenly the Big East became a strange mix of schools that had football teams and schools that didn’t. Eventually other conferences, especially the ACC, started raiding the Big East and taking away teams until the league became a geographic joke.

So now the league has seven basketball-only members and it sounds like they will add two great basketball programs in Butler and Xavier. All the schools will end up with much more TV money than they would have had in the old league but there are stories that they will then expand to 10 or 12 teams. Personally, I hope they don’t for now. The football landscape keeps shifting and if you follow the money it looks like there is more change to come. The remains of the Big East are now a second-tier football conference leaving a “Big Five”. But, of those five, the ACC is starting to lag behind the others in terms of TV money. It won’t happen overnight, but I suspect that the best of the ACC will eventually get lured away to the Big-10, Pac-10, SEC and Big-12, leaving only a Big Four.

If that happens, there will be schools in the ACC left out in the cold, perhaps schools that have very good basketball programs. Perhaps even some of the schools that left the Big East for the ACC. At that point, if the Catholic 7 has remained small and focused they might benefit by aligning with those schools. Stay tuned.