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The Blind Side Is Covered

Kudos to the Giants for getting Will Beatty signed to an extension and keeping him off the free agent market. Watching Beatty this past season, he passed the “eye test” of protecting Eli and according to this article┬áhe passed it statistically too. It’s a reasonable deal for a guy who definitely could be “ascending” as Jerry Reese described him.

Where do the Giants turn next though? Personally, I think they had better lock down Nicks and Cruz before anything else. The Giants have taken at least one wide receiver in every draft since 2005, except for one. They’ve ended up with two of the best in the league at this point and they should do everything they can to keep them under contract.

After that, they are going to need a new tight end. Marcellus Bennett was a great pick up, but he is probably going to want more money on the free agent market. Considering the Giants’ recent success in developing tight ends, I don’t think Bennett will be a major on the field loss and the team would be smart to save their money for improving the defense. (Though losing a guy who gives himself the nickname “Black Unicorn” will be huge off the field.)

Speaking of defense, the Giants had an awful one in 2012. They were terrible against the pass and terrible against the run. Statistics suggest that their secondary has some huge holes. (subscription required) Corey Webster gave up yards by the dozen and Antrele Rolle missed tackles at an alarming rate. Both make a huge amount of money so the Giants would be smart to renegotiate their deals or consider cutting them to save cap space. Whatever course they follow, they need to think defense when the draft comes around in April.