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Boom Goes The Dynamite!

It took a bit longer than usual, but that was my bracket you heard blowing up tonight.  Michigan State and Wisconsin went down as my faith in the Big-10 cost me big time.

I watched more of the Wisconsin-Syracuse game than the MSU-L’ville one, so I can only talk about that. Wisconsin had the worst last possession I have seen in a long time in basketball. Down by 1, with the ball, 18 seconds or so left and all you get is a 25-foot shot and a desperation heave? Ugly, ugly, ugly….

I will continue to watch and I have decided to go “all in” for my favorite conference, the Big East.  My team (St. John’s) may not be there, but I can root for the league. After all, before tonight is over they may have 3/8th’s of the Elite Eight (Syracuse doesn’t count as they are traitors and should never be spoken of again. Got it?)

With MSU out, I think Kentucky walks into the final game.  The question is the other side. The likely matchup or UNC-KU should be an amazing game.

Sadly, the Madness is down to only 11+ games. Catch it while you can.