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Gettleman’s All In

Generally, I find draft analysis stupid. Scouts seems to have a 50% chance of picking the stars over the scrubs, so why should the “draft experts” offer any wisdom?  To me, the best approach a team can take is to address needs and hope the picks they make to fill them are the right ones.

From that perspective, drafting Daniels Jones makes a lot of sense for the Giants. They will need a QB very, very soon. But I have to question if he was 1- even the 3rd-best QB in this draft and 2- if he represents a bigger need than a defense that has nothing in the way of pass rush, and could have added a primo outside linebacker in Josh Allen?

For the first question, I say maybe. But, that means I would never draft him sixth overall. For the second question I say nope, they clearly neeeded a pass rusher more than anything for 2019. And here’s the thing, Dwayne Haskins lasted until the 15th pick and Drew Lock is available as of the 29th selection, so are you telling me the Giants couldn’t have drafted Jones at 17? (Or in the 2nd round?)

Forget the Dave Brown comparisons, I can’t compare a guy today with a guy from 25 years ago. What I worry is that the Giants love Jones because he was coached by the same coach who coached Eli. That’s a dumb reason to draft a guy, but it also starts the clock on the current GM and coach. This will be Jones’ “redshirt” year. If he can’t show that he is the QB of the future by 2021, the Giants will have to clean house again.

(And after seeing their 17th pick, I bet on sooner, but let’s save that for tomorrow.)